Monday, January 6, 2014

Hell Dorado: Inferno - Demons

This is the introductory story I wrote for the Demons Faction, originally published in the Hell Dorado: Inferno expansion rulebook for the Hell Dorado miniatures skirmish game by Cipher Studios.

From the Memoirs of Brother Francois Gillmartin
Brother of the Order of Shining Light, Excommunicated
Discovered in the ruins of the garrison at Forsworn Pass, Outer Circle of Hell

To whoever may find these words, may they shed light on the horrors that have happened here, and may that light guide you to safer pastures.

It has been five years since the Earthly world Above discovered the gates to Hell.  I say “Discovered”, but in truth that may not be the right word, for in my estimation the gates had always been there.  They were simply waiting for some unknown signal to reveal themselves to mankind.

Where it is rumored that the Saracen cracked the gates wide by design, it is my belief that for the West, it was the blood of battle shed between brothers that allowed the Gate to Hell to yaw open before our people.  Perhaps we had to become not unlike demons ourselves, to be deemed worthy of free passage into the Inferno.